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Giving Tuesday 2022

Registered Name: Covenant Foundation

Business No: 125868125RR0001

Giving Tuesday 2022

This Giving Tuesday, we have a big, bold goal in support of patients experiencing a mental health emergency – and we need your help to reach it!

We’re asking our generous supporters like you to help us raise $30,000 for a Telehealth Station in the mental health unit at the new Misericordia Emergency Department.

Your donation will help bring remote family members and medical specialists right where they’re needed most – together, at the patient’s bedside. Please donate today!

Patients experiencing a mental health emergency need our help now more than ever.

Telehealth technology can help bring supports such as a patient’s far-away loved one, their local family doctor or a trusted therapist onscreen to provide extra help and comfort alongside the Misericordia’s emergency mental health staff.

And with telehealth videoconferencing, emergency staff can also connect patients with service providers in the community for much-needed ongoing support and follow-up. This could include addictions treatment services, follow-up with the crisis stabilization team or referrals to community psychiatry.

Together, we can make all the difference for patients when they need it most. Your donation – big or small – will add up with donations from other generous supporters today. Please donate now to help us reach our $30,000 goal.

This Giving Tuesday, we’re giving thanks to you!

Your generosity helps ensure Covenant’s health teams have what they need to provide the best care possible for all of us in the moments when we need them most.

*Excess funds beyond $30,000 will go towards a second Telehealth Station, followed by the areas of greatest need at the Misericordia Emergency Department such as specialized equipment and training, comforting spaces and family centred care.