#PlankTheCurveChallenge - In Support of Covenant Foundation

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“Let’s help flatten the curve by taking part in the #plankthecurvechallenge. Make a local difference from a distance.”

Who we are...

We are second-year students at the University of Alberta with family in Covenant Health long term care facilities. When we first realized the seriousness of the COVID-19 situation, we wanted to support those most vulnerable by helping them receive the care they need to stay safe and healthy.

We chose to direct our support towards Covenant Foundation because we saw first-hand how tirelessly they are working to combat the COVID-19 crisis. We wanted to make sure that in the coming days and weeks, they continue to have the resources necessary to continue providing the best possible care.

Although this time of uncertainty has brought about many challenges to the local community, it has also brought about a common desire to help.

We created this campaign as a small way of showing the support of the local community to those affected by this ongoing challenge.

Also, we encourage you to write a little message with your donation to be passed on to the Covenant workers, patients and residents!!!

Mena and Rachael

~With your help, Covenant Foundation is working to ensure patients, residents and health care providers have the resources they need to address the unprecedented challenges of this public health emergency.~