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Every day at Critter Care Wildlife Society, we see the challenges our wildlife face in British Columbia. Leghold traps placed in urban areas, torturing a wildlife species with unbound cruelty. Mother bears (Sows) shot because human garbage was left out to entice her and her cubs with an easy meal. A tiny, 200-gram baby skunk rescued from a BC resident who was attempting to drown it. Dams destroyed with no evidence of the beaver community, except one baby kit left with no way to survive. A raccoon full of buckshot, and broken bones as evidence of the cruelty and heartlessness of the community it resides. A drowned beaver lead us to discover an individual who was responsible for torturing and killing over 100 of our National keystone animals. Owners of live traps that torture and drown wildlife rather than release the mammals as required by law. A hit and run driver who feels that stopping for the Sow they just crippled is not worth their time.

We witness these type of stories month in, month out.                                   

These animals need food, medication, care and rehabilitation in order to get a second chance at life!

They Need Your Help!

This year Critter Care Wildlife Society is seeing unprecedented record numbers of injured and orphaned wildlife babies in dire need. Our wildlife admissions are up over 300 animals in July as compared to the same time last year.

Critter Care Wildlife Society Is Their Only Hope in Southern British Columbia

Our wildlife is challenged daily as more and more of their habitat is destroyed or invaded by human activity. Urban sprawl makes it difficult to find safe habitats and to feed their young. Add that to the threat of wildfires, and their chances of survival diminish even more.

Won't you help save the animals?

Here are some simple ways you can make a real difference:

Become a Wildlife Ambassador:  

1. Sign up for our monthly donation program. Some can donate only $10.00 a month while many people can gift much more. Remember, every dollar helps, and every dollar goes towards saving the wildlife that comes to Critter Care, which is often their last and only chance to live.

2. Join our Facebook and Instagram pages. Share and comment on the posts go a long way to reaching more people who don't know that our native BC mammals are a precious natural heritage.

Become a Corporate Sponsor:

 1. By making a Gold or Platinum Level Donation, your company will show the world that you are a Wildlife and Community Hero

2. Add the Critter Care Wildlife Logo to your website and link to our donor page

3. Be an event sponsor to market your contribution - contact us for the 2020 Gala or Open House opportunity to showcase and market your business. It's a win-win! Email for partnership opportunities.

Animal Sponsorships: Available for Your School, Employee groups, Business groups and Individual's

 1. Do you have a favorite animal you want to help? Pick the animal you wish to sponsor and "adopt" them through the options below.

2. Then, Promote your animal on your favorite social media! It's incredible to watch these animals thrive through the rehabilitation process and then know they are released where they can live as they should, in the wild.

3. Throw a party or fundraiser in honor of your sponsored species. Did you know you can do a birthday fundraiser with proceeds going to Critter Care Wildlife Society? Just post on Facebook, add a donate to Critter Care Wildlife Society button! It's that easy! Let us know you have started your special fundraiser and we will promote it on our page as well!

4. Come to a CCWS event (our April Gala or Open House in July) or call 604.530.2064 and volunteer or intern to give these precious mammals a second chance at living in the wild again.


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