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2019 Summer Student Program

What is the 2019 Summer Student Program?

This highly successful program is an opportunity for us to pass the baton to the next generation who will be creating faith-based inspired media for their generation.

Training Tomorrow's Media Missionaries

At Crossroads, we believe faith-building, talent development, and hands-on media experience are vital aspects of training today’s young people to be tomorrow’s media missionaries. One of the ways we do this is by our annual summer intern training program.

Each year a new group of smart, eager college students steps into dynamic Crossroads teams such as production, communications, audience growth, social media, funding and more. This unique and valuable experience enables them to strategize, create, write, edit and share their own ideas while being mentored on the job by media professionals.

Why your donation is important:

In 2018, the Liberal government altered the conditions for non-profits to qualify for Canada Summer Jobs funding—non-profits including Crossroads were forced to indicate support for sexual and reproductive rights (such as abortion) or lose funding altogether.

Believing in faith that this critical program must continue, we went on to hire summer students for media ministry with the help of our generous donors. A group of talented young people worked alongside our team in one of our most successful summer intern programs ever.

Since then, Crossroads CEO, Lorna Dueck, along with other Christian charities, respectfully but firmly defended our Christian values to our government. Thanks to their united voices the federal government withdrew the attestation thereby allowing us to obtain partial funding for our 2019 Summer Student Program.

How you can help:

Your prayerful gift helps provide the unique technical training media missionaries need to impact humanity for Jesus Christ.

$8,880 – one student intern for the whole summer
$800 – a full day of hands-on training for all 6 student interns
$4,440 – one student intern for half the summer
$135 – one full day of hands-on training for one student intern
Any gift is appreciated to reach our goal of $53,280

$12,740 raised out of $53,280 goal

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