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Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan Inc. / Femmes canadiennes pour les femme

Registered Name: Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan Inc. / Femmes canadiennes pour les femme

Business Number: 887718203RR0001

Wakhan Initiative for Literacy, Education & Development (WILED)

Campaign Ended Oct. 31, 2019

Please help us provide literacy and lifeskills education for the men and women of the remote Wakhan Corridor

The Wakhan Corridor is a stunning and fabled area in Afghanistan, the "arm" on the map of Afghanistan that reaches Eastwards into China. Although hard to access, it has long attracted adventure seekers, drawn to its dramatic landscapes. The Wakhi people are traditionally nomadic, and are known for their unique culture and lifestyle. They have been called the people who live On The Roof of the World, as well as the Prisoners of the Himalayas. 
Responding to a request from local activists to improve access to education in this remote part of Badakhshan province, the Better Business Society approached CW4WAfghan, and we began to assess needs in the area and look at how we could help. Thus was born a project with the two-fold aim of enabling: 
- A more educated population in Wakhan with enhanced quality of life, and
- Improved local capacity for managing and delivering quality learning and teaching
To achieve these goals, we have brought our Afghanistan Reads! program to the Wakhan, to provide basic literacy classes for both women and men: Wakhan Initiative for Literacy, Education & Development (WILED). We will also be training teachers, and delivering life skills education. Eventually, it is hoped that the next phase of work will support improving children's access to education beyond primary school. The local implementing partner is Saleh, with funding generously provided by the Better Business Society and its partner donors.

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