Registered Name: Dads Against Dirty Air, Inc. (DADA)

Business Number: 847623055RR0001

Our Mission


We are a volunteer-based, teacher and parent-led grassroots organization and charity aimed at reduction of air pollution from idling buses and cars at schools and in the community in order to protect our air quality and health of our children.'

The goal is that in 10 years there will be a new social norm that it is unacceptable to leave an engine running when unoccupied or parked for several minutes.

Close to $2 billion worth of fuel goes up in smoke each year when vehicles idle and thousands die prematurely due to smog and air pollution. Children are most at risk since their lungs are still developing.

We are a support resource for schools to help them become idle-free zones to protect the health and safety of the children and staff.

Through the schools, we reach out to parents and bus drivers, building awareness and getting their support to BE IDLE FREE at home, at school and in the community.

We then empower the converted, to help spread the message to their friends, neighbours and co-workers.

We use Community-Based social marketing and outreach initiatives to raise awareness and act as a resource to schools to provide marketing materials in order to help them promote the message to be IDLE-FREE for the kids and the planet, and for school buses to stop idling on school property.

We also, engage Municipalities to enforce their idling by-laws ( or create one); to walk-the-talk themselves by getting their own fleets and buses to shut off engines when parked.

We also partner with groups with like-minded goals of climate change, environmental engagement of the public, children's health and creating a safer and healthier community.

Donations are appreciated in order to help cover operating costs, program costs and marketing costs.


Our charity works on issues related to children's health, air pollution, the environment, youth & community engagement.

Our aim is to reach out the masses, engaging drivers and organizations, to join the committment to BE IDLE FREE for our children and as a common courtesy to others.

We leverage funding support from foundations, corporate donors and individuals to reach as many people as possible.

Also, as a donor we would like to be able to send samples of some of our materials if requested.

Donations will receive a charitable tax receipt from Canadahelps directly.

We fill a need where schools lack the resources to promote this message and since we are a parent-led group, we offer the voice from fellow-parents to join the worthy cause, for a purpose that most parents would understand - for our children!

We are a young and rapidly expanding organization with growing demands. Your donations are appreciated.

We thank you for your support!

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