Dare To Be You Foundation

Registered Name: Dare to be You Foundation

Business Number: 816162242RR0001

The DTBY Foundation supports leadership development opportunities and initiatives that empower our youth to become the best versions of themselves as they bring their unique gifts into this world and unlock their potential to ‘Be’ better, and ‘Do’ better in their community. 

Looking to give back to her community, founder Shannon Tobin, created the Dare To Be You Foundation with the mission to empower transformation in others. Dare To Be You focuses on being a constructive outlet for parents and teens to learn about themselves and build the tools for a successful future. "One of the greatest challenges in life is being yourself. It serves no one for you to hold back and not bring to the world all that you have to offer". Freedom to Be, Do, Have, Live, Give, Receive - this is Shannon's life purpose and drives her determination to raise funds to achieve just that.

 OUR MISSION:  Empowering transformation in others by helping them discover their full potential and supporting them in making changes so they can bring to the world all they have to offer.

The DTBY foundation is passionate about:

BUILDING a strong foundation for our youth.

INSPIRING breakthroughs and positive change for individuals and families.

EMPOWERING transformation in others.



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