Dare To Be You Foundation

Registered Name: Dare to be You Foundation

Business Number: 816162242RR0001

The DTBY Foundation supports leadership development opportunities and initiatives that empower our youth to become the best versions of themselves as they bring their unique gifts into this world and unlock their potential to ‘Be’ better, and ‘Do’ better in their community. 

Assisting our youth during the "Leadership Skills Process, ignites their imagination to be the change in the future and become "Leaders in Action". 

 OUR MISSION:  Empowering transformation in others by helping them discover their full potential and supporting them in making changes so they can bring to the world all they have to offer.

The DTBY foundation is passionate about:

BUILDING a strong foundation for our youth.INSPIRING breakthroughs and positive change for individuals and families.EMPOWERING transformation in others.

Every decision a young person makes can influence their success in becoming authentic leaders but also have a huge impact on the difference they will make in their own communities.  



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