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Nursing Student Campaign

Campaign Ends June 30, 2020

The Nursing Student Sponsorship Program will provide financial support to nursing students from low-income rural families whose education would be at risk without this support.

Why are we sponsoring a nursing student?

It’s not just about the nursing student:

This nurse that we support will go on to improve healthcare in their community for many years to come. It doesn’t just stop at their graduation date: we support the nurse in their long-lasting professional relationships, medical research, and public health outreach programs for rural communities.

It is about the nursing student:

By supporting this nurse, we are lifting them and their families from a cycle of poverty and putting the nurse in a leadership role in their community. While the nurse is in school, we provide a full scholarship for their nursing program until they complete their education. We also support the nursing student emotionally and socially with check-ins throughout the year.

The cost: A sponsorship costs approximately $2,500 CAD annually. The sponsored student will receive financial aid to cover all that is required for a student to have advanced training for a year. This includes university fees, accommodation, textbooks, school supplies, transportation and a stipend for food.

Nurse sponsorships auto-renew annually so each student has the stability of continuing training without interruption.

You have the option of donating a one-time gift to help support the nurse, donating on a monthly basis to ensure the nurse’s financial needs are met, or sponsoring the nurse completely with our support! Your generous contribution will make a difference and is tax-deductible through our registered Canadian charity.

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