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Doctors for Doctors & Nurses for Nurses

Registered Name: Doctors for Doctors & Nurses for Nurses Society

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Nursing Student Campaign

Campaign Ended June 30, 2020

ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to COVID-19, our Nursing Student Sponsorship Program will be postponed to start in 2021. While it was a difficult decision, the pandemic has caused ongoing changes and challenges. Although the Nursing Student Sponsorship Program will be postponed this year, we continue to support our current medical students during this difficult time. Your support and donations to our charity are greatly appreciated, and we will keep you posted when this program will start again!


The Nursing Student Sponsorship Program will provide financial support to nursing students from low-income rural families whose education would be at risk without this support.

Why are we sponsoring a nursing student?

It’s not just about the nursing student:

This nurse that we support will go on to improve healthcare in their community for many years to come. It doesn’t just stop at their graduation date: we support the nurse in their long-lasting professional relationships, medical research, and public health outreach programs for rural communities.

It is about the nursing student:

By supporting this nurse, we are lifting them and their families from a cycle of poverty and putting the nurse in a leadership role in their community. While the nurse is in school, we provide a full scholarship for their nursing program until they complete their education. We also support the nursing student emotionally and socially with check-ins throughout the year.

The cost: A sponsorship costs approximately $2,500 CAD annually. The sponsored student will receive financial aid to cover all that is required for a student to have advanced training for a year. This includes university fees, accommodation, textbooks, school supplies, transportation and a stipend for food.

Nurse sponsorships auto-renew annually so each student has the stability of continuing training without interruption.

You have the option of donating a one-time gift to help support the nurse, donating on a monthly basis to ensure the nurse’s financial needs are met, or sponsoring the nurse completely with our support! Your generous contribution will make a difference and is tax-deductible through our registered Canadian charity.

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