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Yemen - Cholera Relief

Campaign Ended March 16, 2018

Disaster Aid Canada is working with Compassionate Resource Warehouse to respond to an urgent request from aid workers inside of Yemen. Many Yemeni people are suffering greatly in their war torn country. It has been indicated that 22.2 million people are in need help. The top of the list are for water, food, shelter and health supplies. The UN  has documented nearly 1 million cases of Cholera in the past 18 months due to unsafe water and sanitation supplies. 28% of the population is on the brink of all-out famine.

Our role in this initiative is to provide Tents for Cholera patients, Water Filtration Systems and Soap.

Water Filtration Systems

Yemen has experienced the largest & fastest spread of Cholera in modern history. This bacteria quickly spreads through dirty water and poor sanitation conditions. People are ingesting contaminated water, unclean food and have no sanitation facilities. The health care system in this country has collapsed and conflict zones makes it challenging to help. 

Please consider donating towards a Water Filtration System. $100 will provide a filter that will provide up to 1 Million gallons of clean drinkable water.

Read more about Yemen’s Cholera Outbreak:


Tents are needed to house those with Cholera and to quarantine them from other patients. Disaster Aid Canada has been asked to supply 10 tents and we need your help to do this. Consider sponsoring a tent ($500) to be sent to Yemen this month. Each tent has 3 separate rooms with an open area in front of the rooms – this will allow for medical supplies to be sent up here.


Cholera can kill within hours and is especially fatal to children and other vulnerable people. In this container, our Soap for Hope program we will be adding soap....a lot of soap...thousands of bars. Soap is the first line defense against diseases such as Cholera. 

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