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Drayton Valley & District Historical Society


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Restoring History

Campaign Ended April 6, 2019

The Drayton Valley Museum is facing severe deterioration in four of its five historic buildings on site. We're facing water leaks, damage to building facades, and the greatest challenge facing all small museums -- we're running out of space. The museum is launching campaigns to help raise the funds to restore our historic buildings back to their original glory, from fixing the leaks in the All-Saints Anglican Church, restoring the ceiling and flooring, to restoring the siding on the beloved Herndon House. The funds raised from crowdfunding will be used as matching funds on our grant applications that will contribute the second half of the funding we need to complete all the restorations and preserve our local heritage.

We're kicking off our campaigns with a goal of raising $10,000 to restore the Herndon House, a beautiful two-story farmhouse that was a community landmark across the highway from the museum until it was donated to the museum in 2007. The family who lived in it were known for their community spirit, for always lending a helping hand, and today we're doing our best to keep that memory alive at the museum!

The Herndon House project includes restoring the siding where it is torn from the House, repairing all leaks, and repairing the interior damage caused by water leaks. These restorations are vital to preserving the objects inside the house and their stories, and especially to preserving the memories and history of the building itself.

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