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Help Women Start Their Journey to Success for International Women's Day

Campaign Ends March 30, 2020

One of our favourite days of the year is fast approaching! Join Dress for Success Ottawa on March 8th, 2020 to celebrate International Women’s Day by honouring the women of our community and around the world as we move towards gender equality. Here at Dress for Success, we believe that we are stronger together.

In 2019, Dress for Success Ottawa received 1035 referrals from 111 organizations. On International Women’s Day, help us raise enough to welcome 400 women over the next few months to start their journey to economic independence. You have the opportunity to change a woman’s life for the better. $25 is all it takes for one woman to start her future.

Her future is one click away!

After living and working in New York City for 11 years as a high profile Marketing Project Manager, Nicole made the brave and selfless decision to pack up the “Big City” life she loved so dearly to move back to her hometown of Ottawa to raise her newborn son as a single mother.

“I wanted my son to know his family.”

With hopes of rebuilding her life in a new but familiar city, Nicole began a job she loved. However, shortly after being hired the company Nicole worked for restructured. She was laid off and left two weeks shy of being eligible for EI. After three months of scraping by with no income, she was relieved and excited to land an exciting new job. But, due to her changing body as a new mom, she didn’t have the professional clothing in her new size to meet the daily demands of the position.

“Life has taught me you always have to prepare and forecast your future. You never know when things will change.”

That’s when Nicole was referred to Dress for Success Ottawa. Feeling hesitant and nervous that she would be treated like a charity case, Nicole believed the volunteers would just toss her a few sparse items and walk away happy that we “even had anything in her size”. But her reality was different. “I walked in feeling vulnerable having been unemployed at the time and weighing my heaviest due to having a child. However, the way I felt going in, was not at all the way I felt when I left!”Nicole credits Dress for Success Ottawa for the peace of mind to meet employment partners and the confidence to get the job done. Since that day, Nicole has also attended our annual All Women Empowered professional development Conference to help continue her on her career path. She plans to continue using Dress for Success Ottawa’s services and programs to help expand her portfolio of skills and attain her future career goals.

“Dress for Success reignited my confidence. I was treated like a person and they were honoured to be working with me”

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Since we opened our doors, Dress for Success Ottawa has helped thousands of women achieve professional success and personal fulfillment. Upon referral, our clients can choose from the seven professional development programs we offer depending on their personal needs and wants. These programs, however, can’t continue without your help. Support from our community is what keeps our doors open and the dream for a better future alive. The possibilities are endless when you start with a strong foundation and that is what we are so honoured to provide for the women of the National Capital Region. Help a woman realize her strength today by donating to Dress for Success Ottawa. With just $25, you have the power to help a woman like Nicole start the life she, and every woman deserves.

Help a woman realize her strength today!

Want to support International Women’s Day with an event, as a company, or in your office? Contact alison@dressforsuccessottawa.ca to create your plan.

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