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Victoria, the film

Campaign Ends Jan. 31, 2020

Victoria is piece that has touched thousands, has toured the world and has been preformed in multiple languages. Now this treasure needs your support to live on forever in the form of a movie! 

Created in 1999. Performed in 16 countries, in 9 languages. Nearly 500 performances… and as many ovations!

When creating Victoria, Dulcinea was determined to find a way to address old age, vulnerability, loss and death that was neither morbid, frightening nor depressing. The artist and her creative team sought to open dialogues and change attitudes towards old age, others’ as well as our own.

By creating a movie, we will allow this production to be viewed by many more people and most importantly shared through generations.  

Hence, we are reaching out to the community locally and internationally to CONTRIBUTE, to SHARE this campaign and most of all SUPPORT the creation of Victoria, the film. 

Supporters will have the chance to receive: 

- Virtuous thanks!

- Name in the credits of the movie

- An invitation to the premiere! 

Click here to read more about the piece: https://dulcinee.org/victoria/

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