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Digital Imaging upgrade to the X-Ray machine. Better pictures, faster diagnosis.

Campaign Ends Dec. 31, 2018

Dear Friend and Neighbour,

Have you ever broken a bone, sprained an ankle, had a strange pain or an unexplained cough? You were probably sent for an X-Ray to help with the diagnosis. Very few people make it to their adult years without having had at least one x-ray taken.

The X-Ray machine is one of the busiest pieces of equipment in the Durham Hospital, with 4,700 tests being done just last year!

Because so many depend on the X-Ray machine for fast and accurate diagnosis, it is critical to have the latest technology available at the Durham Hospital.

Sadly, the X-Ray technology used by the Durham Hospital is out-of-date. It is using large films that take longer to develop, must be read on a lightbox and are difficult to send to a specialist or surgeon for consultation.Today’s health care demands faster and more accurate diagnosis and the use of modern information technology.

Upgrading to a new digital imaging X-Ray is one of the hospital’s top prioritiesI hope you can help!

As the Diagnostic Imaging and Cardiorespiratory Manager for Durham Hospital, I have seen first-hand how the change to digital imaging improves patient care.

That’s why I would like to ask for your help in purchasing the latest technology in digital imaging for the Durham Hospital- so we can continue to provide our patients with the very best care. This digital imaging upgrade to the X-Ray equipment will cost approximately $150,000.

The Durham and Community Health Care Foundation has committed to raising this amount over the next two years and needs your help.

Using a wireless plate produces an image in seconds, allowing same-time viewing by the technician. He or she can adjust the image right from the booth, without having to change the patient’s position. This reduces pain and discomfort and lessens the exposure to radiation.

Your help means faster diagnosis.

With the increasing number of seniors needing X-Rays, it is even more important to reduce pain and stress. With digital imaging, patient examinations can be completed quickly, providing the most timely and accurate diagnosis and treatment possible.

Your gift will help provide the most modern and up-to-date technology.

Digital images are sharper and clearer, can be read on a computer screen and provide needed information faster for a better diagnosis.

Your help will ensure faster access to specialists and follow-up health care.

The old days of patients having to carry their own X-Rays with them to out-of-town appointments are gone. Today’s technology means that surgeons and specialists can see the image in minutes!  This saves time, travel, inconvenience and expense.

The digital imaging upgrade can be easily added to the existing machine and can also be adapted to the portable X-Ray machine. This provides emergency patients as well as patients currently in the hospital with access to the same quality X-Rays without having to be moved.

The Durham Hospital takes pride in providing its patients and visitors with a clean, modern facility, skilled medical professionals and top quality equipment. It also strives for and delivers top quality patient care, health and safety.  Upgrading the existing X-Ray equipment with digital imaging is another way Durham Hospital will provide quality, safe and timely health care.

We need your help to reach this goal!

Please join with other valued supporters by sending a gift today. You will not only help purchase the much-needed digital imaging, but will help ensure quality health care for your family and friends for years to come.

With my most sincere gratitude,


Trevor Filsinger,

Diagnostic Imaging and Cardiorespiratory Manager

South Bruce Grey Health Centre- Durham Hospital


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