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COVID-19 Help OUR Children

Campaign Ends June 30, 2020

DCAF is receiving more and more requests to support children, youth and their families in challenging and vulnerable situations due to the unprecedented and negative impact of COVID-19.  Children's families are facing the need for basic essentials due to the decrease or loss of employment and family income.  DCAF is working daily to provide front-line support to case workers who are hearing pleas for food, toys, family resources, baby items as such diapers and so much more.  We need your support so we can continue to provide basic essentials to children who are feeling trapped, not only due to physical and/or social isolation, but the probability of physical and sexual abuse is increasing as families are being asked to stay in their homes, the pressure is increasing.  Children are not able to see their friends, communicate with their friends, go to a playground or have a sleep-over (to escape pressure in their homes), some children don't even have access to a TV.  What are the children to do??   Children who benefited previously from school breakfast or lunch clubs, special support, clubs and other activities are now struggling to survive in this new reality.  Please support Durham Children's Aid Foundation TODAY, see we can bring hope to children.  Help us make a difference, annually DCAF supports over 3000 children, youth and their families.  Visit our website for more information;  durhamcaf.ca   DONATE today...  #DCAFhelps  

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