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1-COVID-19 Response Durham Hospital

Campaign Ends April 8, 2021

Thank you for your generous offer of support at this time. We have been working closely with the Durham Hospital to identify ways for our donors to assist the response to COVID-19.

The hospital is working to increase bed capacity within the hospital to care for additional patients, which comes along with a need for more equipment. Over the last couple of weeks, additional beds, stretchers, vital signs monitors, IV pumps, transport ventilators and other equipment to prepare for increased volumes have been ordered, with support from a significant community donation made directly to the hospital.

Your support is vital to hospital operations not only for the COVID-19 response, but also for essential equipment that is required when hospital operations return to normal. Your donation will assist with any additional needs that arise relating to COVID-19, and also for these ongoing equipment needs that will enable us to continue to provide high quality health care in our community.

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