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We are pleased to announce our year-end virtual Fundraising Campaign: As we approach the end of the year, we want to show the community-at-large how your talents are helping others. This campaign also gives you a chance to fundraise for dystonia support programs, awareness campaigns and research. 

About The Campaign: 

The spirit of this campaign is to empower people to put their passions, skills, and talents on display in order to raise funds for dystonia . We want to celebrate how individuals with dystonia succeed in all aspects of life. 

Our vision is two-fold:

First, we want to encourage members of the dystonia community to showcase their unique talents, passions, and skills for the purpose of raising much-needed funds for dystonia.

Second, we hope to highlight how people with dystonia both survive and thrive with this lesser-known movement disorder.  

How To Participate:

Perhaps you're a master baker who is passionate about the culinary arts. Or maybe you're a fashionista who knows how to make others look and feel like their best selves. Whatever your talents or interests might be, DMRF Canada would be delighted to see those talents featured on a virtual fundraising page. Not only will you share your passions, skills, and talents with the community, you will make a valuable contribution towards raising funds for an important cause.

DMRF Canada is excited to provide a virtual platform for individuals to curate their own unique campaigns - by 'doing it' for dystonia.

Here are some simple steps / tips for fundraising:

1. Set Your Goal Set an amount you would like to raise and share that publicly.  

2. Design Your Page: Describe what you will do and why you are doing it.   

3. Tell Them Where The Money Will Go: Pass on this ' 2019 Accomplishments and Updates ' that provides information and updates so far this year.  

4. Message Your Networks: Email or share your page to motivate friends, family, and co-workers to donate.  

5. Say Thank You: Provide updates. Let people know how close you are to reaching your goal. Thank everyone who donates and let them know they've helped make a difference.  

Click here to see what DMRF Canada staff members Stefanie and Archana are doing. Remember - anything can work! As long as you 'Do It for Dystonia'.    

For Offline Fundraising:

All offline donations can be sent to DMRF Canada, 209 - 550 St. Clair Ave. West, Toronto, Ontario, M6C 1A5 Canada. Click here to use our template pledge sheet for collecting and tracking of donations in person. You can add offline donations manually to your indlividual fundraiser pages.

DMRF Canada will feature the top five 'Do It for Dystonia' fundraisers in the Spring 2021 Newsletter. Please submit your story, along with campaign details by January, 2021.

For any questions, kindly email us at We wish you luck. Happy fundraising!