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Registered Name: EARTHROOTS FUND

Business Number: 135165140RR0001

Threatened wolf or coyote? We use DNA to find out

Campaign Ended Oct. 15, 2019

To protect rare Algonquin wolves that are threatened with extinction in Ontario, we have to find them first! Since Algonquin wolves and eastern coyotes look so much alike, it takes DNA to tell them apart. We and our growing citizen science crew pick up a lot of urine, poop and hair samples to collect DNA non-invasively. 

$46 - Wolf DNA sampling kit. Collecting scat (poop), hair and urine samples provides us with DNA to determine the species, gender, relatedness of an animal. These data can be used to estimate a wolf population in an area and provide information about wolves that may be passing through habitat or living there in a family pack.

$113 - DNA sample analysis. We have secured a discounted rate from Canada's most advanced DNA analysis lab to analyze the samples we collect during our field surveys. Extracting and evaluating DNA from scat and urine is difficult and time-consuming, but these experts can determine species, gender and information about the animal's mother and father using just 1 sample.

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