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Registered Name: East and Central African Association for Indigenous Rights Inc.

Business Number: 829728716RR0001

Emergency Fund for fire victims of DR Congo

Campaign Ended Nov. 30, 2018


On August 18, 2018, over 300 buildings and houses went on fire, affecting families in Nyalukemba area/street in the city of Bukavu, South Kivu Province, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Although, the world is facing numerous disasters, this situation is incredibly unique and requires your donation:

•        The majority of the people living in Nyalukemba area live below a $1per day each;

•        The government of DRC (apart from their lack of resources and organization to respond to emergencies like these) have not taken any action to help the victims;

•        There is very limited (if none) attention to these crises by NGOs and media; and

•        The DRC country is being faced by numerous challenges including insecurity, violence and hunger. The urgent help we are looking for includes food, drinking water, transitional housing and school kits (e.g. text books and pens) for children to access education, as school is to begin on September 2nd.

Thank you for your donation!  This is an emergency crisis!

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