Church of the Ascension

Registered Name: Church of the Ascension

Business Number: 108009820RR0002

Who We Are

Church of the Ascension (Anglican) in London, Ont., is an energetic community, beloved by God, embracing one another in Christ, and open to being church in new ways.

Our Vision for Ourselves

We are becoming life-giving, Spirit-empowered disciples living out God's love in action.

What People Are Saying

"It has meant a real effort to redefine what ‘church’ means in the world today and to accept the responsibility to live that vision."

— A member of the church, Read More

"I wrote a poem . . . 'A family of God with much to be done.’ "

— A member of the church, Read More

"The joys of new friendships and a new understanding of living in the Spirit are exciting and refreshing."

— A member of the church, Read More

"“It’s everybody’s sacred space, not just the minister’s."

— A member of the church, Read More

"When we watch children just roaming, you get the sense they feel really safe and welcome and it’s not a frightening kind of place for them to be. I think that’s partly because it’s all at one level. It’s [also] the attitude of the congregation, but the space promotes it"

— A member of the church, Read More

"I find it an amazing place to sing in because you hear singing all around you and it makes you want to sing."

— A visitor, Read More

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