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Church of the Ascension

Registered Name: Church of the Ascension

Business Number: 108009820RR0002

Capital Campaign for Our Church Home

Campaign Ended May 1, 2020


Jesus, in whose name we serve, we, your church, ask for your guidance in the challenges we face.

Church of the Ascension faces a great challenge in 2017-2020 to meet the cost of repairs to the building, our church home. Several high-cost items have reached the limit of their life span and must be replaced.

Of course, these building repairs are not being done for the sake of the building itself. They are being done in order to shelter and protect and keep safe the programs and ministries that we do at Church of the Ascension and the people who attend them. Our stewardship of our building can never be separated from our life of love and service to our God. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the repairs that must be done and the ministries that are connected to them.

Roof leak (Completed in 2019 due to your generosity!)

There are several causes combining to cause the longtime leak in the Family Room: clogged drains, deteriorating flashing, and duct work. This lower flat roof also has experienced loss of surface granules and cracking membrane, requiring a complete replacement.

Beneath this is a room we use for comfort, caring, and learning in Christian service. The Family Room is the place of a weekly Bible study, a quiet space for a family before a funeral, a private place for a bride to prepare for her wedding, and a comfortable room for gatherings and meetings.

Flat roof ponding (Completed in 2019 due to your generosity!)

A large part of the upper flat roof is covered in water that cannot drain. Consequently, the roof is blistering, losing its surface granules, and aging from exposure to sunlight. As well, the roof has stress cracks on the flashing, drains that are too high and poorly located, exposed felt, and damaged sealant.

Below this roof is the Parish Hall, the heart of our community life of faith. It is here that we hold Sunday School, Coffee Hour, the Seniors Music Afternoons, the Community Breakfast, wedding and funeral receptions, and fundraising dinners, and host diocesan events such as the Anglican Fellowship of Prayer conference.

Heat exchangers (Fixed in 2017 due to your generosity!)

During the annual inspection of the heating and cooling equipment on the roof, it was discovered the heat exchangers in both units are cracked. Both units were immediately shut down (meaning we have no heat or A/C in the Sanctuary or Parish Hall) due to the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning.

We talked about the importance of the Parish Hall in the section above. Now let’s consider the Sanctuary. Worship of God is central to the life of the church. Our sacred worship space is beautiful, bright, and flexible, allowing us to follow the traditions of Anglican worship while stretching ourselves to give that worship variety and meaning.

Condenser fans (Fixed in 2017 due to your generosity!)

The motors on both of these rooftop fans have seized up and will need to be replaced. These fans serve to cool the central portion of the building.

In the Gathering Space, we welcome visitors and newcomers and greet our friends. We also check up on the news on the Information Kiosk, in our mail slots, or sitting together at the tables.

The office is our administrative hub. Phone and email inquiries are answered, worship bulletins are prepared, mail is sorted, room bookings are kept sorted, parts of the website are maintained, and required paperwork is handled.

Is there more?

As part of the process of investigating repairs, the Diocese of Huron sent architect Terry Marklevitz, a member of St. James’ Anglican Church in Stratford, to inspect the building. He has advised us to do further investigation and monitoring of several areas:

  • The exterior cement cladding on the west wall of the Parish Hall
  • The exterior stucco-like cladding on the Sanctuary
  • The drainage on the east side of the building

So we must be prepared for the potential for further expenses.

Of course, the reality is with any building there will always be expenses, so the Diocese has recommended all churches have contingency funds for repairs.

The cost estimates (including Harmonized Sales Tax)

Roof - $98,000

Heat exchangers - $17,750

Duct insulation - $7,500

Condenser fan motors - $1,550

Current repairs  -  $125,000

Repairs over next decade - $50,000

Campaign Goal - $175,000 

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