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Edmonton and Area Land Trust

Registered Name: Edmonton and Area Land Trust

Business Number: 854701356RR0001

You Can Give Wildlife a Home

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2015

Everyone needs a home – including wildlife! Our conservation lands provide homes for wildlife, and we often even renovate homes for wild animals by providing wooden nest boxes. You can give wildlife a home by donating today. All donations, big or small, help us conserve more and more homes for wildlife.

  • Donate $25 today, to provide a small songbird nest box for chickadees, wrens, and bluebirds.
  • Donate $50 to sponsor a Porcupine, our "feature creature", to protect important habitat where they can munch away on willows and tree bark and hide their porcupettes safely in the shrubs. Sponsor a porcupine, and provide your email address and you will receive a special certificate.
  • Donate $75 to give bats a place to rest, roost, and nest.
  • Donate $100 to give a cavity nesting duck, like a beautiful bufflehead or goldeneye, a home to nest in.
  • Donate $10 monthly to give a small owl, like the Northern Saw-whet Owl in the campaign picture, a place to nest and roost in the winter.
  • Donate $20 monthly to support the maintenance of our floating loon nesting platform at Glory Hills Conservation Lands.

Your donation to EALT will ensure that more wildlife have a home to call their own. Our conservation lands have all types of habitat that they’re in need of – just think of us as your friendly neighbourhood Wildlife Realtor! Please donate today to give wildlife a home.

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