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Edmonton and Area Land Trust

Registered Name: Edmonton and Area Land Trust

Business Number: 854701356RR0001

Contribute to Land Conservation

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2019

The Edmonton and Area Land Trust is dedicated to conserving natural areas in the Edmonton region. We protect and care for the land to conserve it for future generations of wildlife and people! Your contribution to land conservation will help us care for important natural areas, in perpetuity.

Donate $250 to protect habitat for Alberta's Provincial Bird, the Great Horned Owl, such as open woodland where they can hunt for mice and build stick nests in large spruce trees.

Donate $200 to maintain 400 m of hiking trails so that everyone can enjoy their visit to our conserved lands and connect with nature.

Donate $150 to restore 1.5 acres of habitat by planting and maintaining trees to restore native forest.

Donate $120 to purchase a sign for a natural area to inform visitors to respect the land and maintain its ecological integrity.

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