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Edmonton and Area Land Trust

Registered Name: Edmonton and Area Land Trust

Business Number: 854701356RR0001

Protect Nature for $25 or less

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2019

The Edmonton and Area Land Trust is dedicated to conserving critical wildlife habitat in the Edmonton region. We protect and care for the land to conserve it for future generations of wildlife and people! Your donation to protect nature will help us care for important natural areas, in perpetuity.

Donate $25 to protect important Bufflehead habitat including wetlands where they dive for food and tree stands where they nest in old woodpecker holes.

Donate $20 to provide 2 nest boxes for nesting songbirds like tree swallows or bluebirds. These nest boxes could help support a whole colony of tree swallows!

Donate $15 to provide a group of volunteers with gloves to pull weeds to help restore important duck nesting and foraging habitat.

Donate $10 to provide a nest box for songbirds like chickadees. Chickadees will use a nest box to roost and stay warm in the winter, and build a nest in the summer!

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