Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers (EMCN)

Registered Name: Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers

Business Number: 118893957RR0001

Embrace Campaign

Campaign Ends Dec. 31, 2020

EMCN supports all newcomers to Edmonton, offering welcoming spaces to learn and connect with people, services, and resources they need to integrate and thrive in the community. We have a willingness to confront challenges and provide leadership on critical community concerns; EMCN delivers on client and funder needs to create impact for our community. 

Over the years, the faces of newcomers have changed, but they still require the same types of support. We are committed to serving all newcomers, including international professionals relocating here for work, refugees, those migrating across Canada, and others. We take time to understand their unique needs, offering and guiding then through the resources and networks they need to be successful, today, and for generations to come.

As the number of newcomers to our city steadily increases, the call to expand our offerings has become more relevant as we continue to make this an inclusive environment for anyone who chooses to live and work here.

To do this, we are embarking on two significant projects that will cost almost $3 million from private philanthropic support. EMCN will purchase our 82nd street location and is moving to a downtown building. Purchasing the full 82 Street location allows us to focus on and expand our language classes. Consolidating other services into a new downtown location means we can serve more community members more effectively and broaden our impact.


Whether you were born in Edmonton or moved here from another city, province or country, you have chosen to call Edmonton home. The city was built on the strength and diversity of newcomers – people from all over the world come here to make new lives for themselves and their families. They become your neighbours, your friends, your co-workers, clients and business partners. Your family. Newcomers form the foundation to support a stronger community.

Let’s work together to make it easier for newcomers to learn English, find work, and settle into our communities. For Edmonton to thrive socially, culturally, and economically, we need the rich diversity newcomers from around the world offer. They introduce us to new perspectives, cultural practices, foods, and art. They fill the roles required in the workforce and volunteer for non-profit organizations. Newcomers start new businesses, hire employees, partner with organizations, and collaborate within networks.

By investing in EMCN, you are investing in the whole community. Not only are you helping newcomers call Edmonton home, but you are also supporting those who already live here.

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