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The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC)


Business Number: 107353922RR0001

Annual Campaign (2017-2018)

Campaign Ended May 31, 2018

The EFC works to foster a culture among Evangelicals that actively looks to see what the needs are in our communities, in our provinces and in our country and explore what we might do to respond with compassion and love as we bring the truths of Scripture and live out God’s call to love and justice in our service to all. Your generosity gives a strong voice to our shared belief in biblical truths, and the need for those truths in a healthy society.

Your support:

  • allows our team in Ottawa to build relationships with Members of Parliament, Senators and other government officials while also providing research, position papers and issue-focused briefings for our leaders.
  • makes possible EFC court interventions in cases of particular significance to the Christian community such as religious freedom in Canada and internationally, protection of the vulnerable, and marriage and the family.
  • enables significant research and public engagement of current issues in society.
  • provides for specialized programs, such as evangelism and advocacy for persecuted Christians in other countries.
  • makes possible a range of initiatives that empower individual Christians, churches, denominations and organizations to be more effective by developing partnerships in mission and ministry.
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