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Elim Society for Seniors Care


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Elim Cares

Campaign Ended Sept. 1, 2020

As the Elim Society prepares to replace the elevator at Balmoral House we are extremely concerned about our resident’s ability to get into their homes if they must exclusively use the stairs for a minimum of three months.

That is why we are looking at subsidising the move to temporary housing for some of our resident for whom using the stairs is just not possible.

Temporarily moving is stressful enough for our seniors, we don’t want to add the financial stress to their burdens as well.

We estimate our rent deferral program at Balmoral would cost between $25,000 to $40,000 depending how many will need to temporarily move to other housing.

The program will provide funding for temporary living so allowing residents affected by the closure to not have to incur additional costs, including extra rent, if they are unable to access their suites using the stairs.

This unbudgeted expense will be financially stressful for the Elim Society and as such we were going to use finds from our Grand Parade event to fund this caring program.

As the Grand Parade is being deferred to 2021 due to the Covid-19 crises, we are prayerfully asking you to consider donating specifically to this rent deferral program. 

Won’t you help our residents of Balmoral House during this stressful time?

We thank you in advance for your generous financial support.

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