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EMAS CANADA (Education Medical Aid and Service)

Registered Name: EMAS CANADA

Business Number: 841581861RR0001

EMAS India North

Campaign Ended Dec. 30, 2018

As part of the EMAS new faith initiatives, Drs. Stephen and Stephanie Milone will lead an exploratory team to visit the Herbertpur Hospital. This hospital is part of the Emmanuel Hospital Association in India. The objective will be to explore opportunities to teach there. The hospital is located near the banks of the Asan river which lies between the Shivalik and Himalaya mountain ranges. Join with us in supporting this brand new effort as EMAS seeks to teach and heal in a Christ-like manner.

Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Stephen Milone are two family physicians who currently work in Orangeville, Ontario. They have a broad scope of practice including ER, Anesthesia, inpatients, palliative and academic medicine. They feel very fortunate to be blessed with so much and feel it is their calling to use their skills and talents to help others. They want this experience to be a family one and thus will be accompanied by their three children and hope this mission trip will spark that same need to do good in this world in them.

The EMAS India team will be teaching new skills and providing medical education for local trainee and practicing physicians so that they can continue to provide the best care in this rural area.  They will also be working alongside these hardworking physicians to help with their heavy workload and  hope this will be an ongoing relationship between EMAS, the Orangeville medical team and Herbertpur Christian Hospital. Thank you for supporting this new initiative.

Plans to return are underway.

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