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Clinic to Community (C2C)

Campaign Ends Dec. 31, 2020

Our Clinic-to-Community (C2C) program is a referral program for individuals  and their families with suspected, or diagnosed epilepsy.

In Ontario, people living with epilepsy use emergency hospital services at significantly higher rates than for other comparable chronic conditions (Ng et al, 2015, Bowen et al, 2012).

People who understand their seizures are less likely to depend on the Emergency hospital room as a principal source of support, or to reach out to their health care provider in crisis. 

They’re more likely to gain control of their seizures and to live well with the chronic condition.

One of the aims of the C2C program is to reduce unnecessary visits to hospital emergency departments, which occur because many individuals and their families are unsure when a seizure is considered an emergency, which results in multiple visits to emergency rooms. The objective of the program will be to focus on helping clients to better understand and manage their epilepsy. Upon entering this program, the person with epilepsy and their family will meet with an educator who will help to explain the epilepsy diagnosis, the different seizure types, treatments options and first aid.

A donation of only $50 will educate one family in through our C2C Program.

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