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COVID-19 Emergency Support Services

Campaign Ended Aug. 31, 2020

Rates of anxiety, depression and even suicide are two times higher among those living with epilepsy than the community average. Our members struggle with loneliness in the best of times and COVID-19 has brought social and physical distancing, making isolation even more prevalent. Covid-19 is keeping that helpful family member or friend away who normally assists with grocery shopping, medication pick-up, and health and safety checks. Members are struggling with medication shortages, lack of income, and stress which increases seizures. Indeed, mental health and over all wellness has declined for people living with epilepsy.

In order to combat the problem, we’ve quickly transformed the format of our services, offering counselling sessions and support groups online, as well as hosting informative live webinars.  We are calling our members and making sure they have what they need so they won’t struggle alone. However, we need to do more, and with your donation we can reach other vulnerable people who are desperate for help. Please consider donating to Epilepsy Toronto’s COVID-19 Emergency Fund during this unprecedented time. Your help matters!

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