Registered Name: ERDO

Business Number: 875912701RR0001

COVID-19 Crisis Response

According to the United Nations, COVID-19 has the potential to double the number of people suffering from acute hunger to 250 million by the end of 2020.

While we can easily feel overwhelmed by this pandemic and the stories of human need, our faith encourages us to keep doing good. Today, we are asking those who are able, to give generously and help support the most vulnerable people during this unprecedented global emergency.

Funds raised will provide food and hygiene items for families, and protective supplies for field staff to keep them safe too. The COVID-19 food distributions we have already completed in many countries met short term needs, but COVID-19 is not a short-term issue.

Lockdowns, rising costs, scarce food, and lack of employment are leaving families hungry. The children and the elderly are especially vulnerable to illness. On top of this, some countries where we are working have experienced floods, drought, or locust infestations. All of these factors contribute to a growing global food crisis.

Emergency food and hygiene programs have never been more important!

Your donation will go towards emergency food and hygiene packs distributed in our program areas.