Ernest C. Manning Awards Foundation


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Innovation Champions

By becoming an Innovation Champion and joining together with other Canadians you have the power to influence the future of our country.  We are on the threshold of another global transformation driven by innovation that reverberates in all areas of our lives. Innovators are at the forefront of this transformation and we are committed to finding ways to support them and to inspire a nation of emerging innovators. You can help, with a financial contribution to:

  1. Elevate the pride of our nation, by supporting the discovery of Canada’s outstanding innovators. You will help nurture the regional grassroots movement of discovering and celebrating Canadian innovation heroes and fuel the spark for innovators of tomorrow.
  2. Celebrate innovators, by supporting the awards that announce to the world that Manning Laureates are Canada’s elite innovators. Your gift will help enhance Canada’s reputation as an innovation nation.
  3. Encourage the next generation of innovators, by funding engagement with post-secondary students. By giving, you will foster new skills, interest and connection to peers and mentors who have proven methods to grow ideas and entrepreneurship.

Each step we take relies on people like you.  People with passion, knowledge, and belief in our cause.  A gift is an encouragement to those we discover to do more, and know that their hard work is valued.