Save the Cup and Saucer Trail


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The Issue

The Cup and Saucer Trail is one of the most visited areas on Manitoulin Island. Thousands of hikers visit the trail every year, enjoying the beautiful view from the escarpment. This trail occurs on both privately owned land and EBC's Cup and Saucer Nature Reserve. The main access and parking area have recently been relocated 1.5 km west of Bidwell Road on Highway 540.

Our Progress

EBC has constructed a preliminary trail from Highway 540 up the Escarpment which connects to the existing trail. We worked with the Municipality of NEMI, the MTA, volunteers, and other groups and successfully reopened the trail on June 8th!

The trail may be open, but the work is far from over! We want to be responsible land stewards and ensure that the features that make this area so special remain intact. EBC is working on a large scale, long-term improvement plan to make the trail sustainable, safe and suitable for the high volume of visitors that walk the trail each year. This will allow us to keep the trail open for future generations to enjoy! With more than 10,000 annual visitors, most from off-island, this is a major tourist and economic driver for the Island.


Please consider supporting the cause by making a donation today. We are raising funds for new signage, and trail management plan.

The connection to and passion for the Cup and Saucer in this community is truly inspirational. By supporting this project, you will help maintain and improve an iconic destination on Manitoulin Island. You will allow the community and tourists to continue to connect with nature and enjoy breathtaking features and lookouts. Lastly, you will help provide more people with the opportunity to make this connection and develop a lasting passion for nature. We need your help to make this happen! Please support the cause and help us keep the Cup and Saucer Trial open!