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Emergency - Myrtle's Eye Surgery

Etobicoke Humane Society

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Myrtle is such a sweet gentle cat who has only ever known pain and discomfort. EHS saved her from a Quebec kill shelter the night before she was scheduled for euthanasia.

Myrtle has been diagnosed with Entropion, which is a condition that is common in dogs, but only seen occasionally in cats. She has had it from birth but until now it has gone untreated.

Entropion is the inversion of part or all of the eyelid. The inversion can involve the upper or lower lids, or both. In Myrtle's case, she has an inverted upper eyelid which has caused her eyelashes to rest on her cornea. Constant brushing of the eyelashes on the cornea has caused a chronic ulceration condition and has affected her sight. The Vet has concluded that Myrtle does not have sight in her left eye and the cornea in her left eye is also misshapen.

We hope Myrtle's eye can be saved. She will be going to the vet tomorrow for eye surgery. After her surgery, she headed to foster care with one of our volunteers, where she will be able to recover.

It is important to address any medical issues your animal may have in the early stages. If left untreated issues such as Entropion can worsen over time affecting the health and well-being of your fur baby.

We welcome you to make a donation towards Myrtle's surgery.

Further Entropion Information:

Eyelashes and hair of the eyelid irritate the cornea (the front clear part of the eye) which can lead to various levels of severity of the Entropion condition, which includes excessive tear production; mucoid discharge with pigmentation or ulceration of the cornea; and in severe cases, rupturing of the eye.The Cat Clinic