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2019 Dr. Ronald Sax Memorial Scholarship

Every year in November we mark Ron’s birthday and the anniversary of his passing. It is an opportune time to remember him and to celebrate his life, his achievements, and his passions.

Over the last eleven years you have helped support youth as they pursue their post-secondary education. A total of 15 scholarships have been awarded, supporting students across a wide spectrum of study, from history to health, international development to social work. You have made it possible for young people to move forward in their lives.

The Dr. Ronald Sax Memorial Scholarship was established by the Waterloo Regional Health Unit to honour his commitment to social justice and to life-long learning. This scholarship is a renewable award for youth who have grown up in permanent care as children in extended society care (previsouly known as Crown Wards) with Family & Children’s Services of the Waterloo Region. This initiative is a long-term strategy to foster academic and employment success.

Your support has made it possible for youth to imagine a future that includes post-secondary education. Time after time the scholarship recipients have expressed their gratitude and joy. It is also a success for all of us. We know that what makes a difference in their lives also makes a difference in our community. Your generosity during the past decade has made it possible to continue and to expand Ron's legacy of caring and giving. Thank you for this.

Janice Husted and John Sax