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Be part of a new national fundraising campaign to prevent kids and adults from dying in grain.

The frequency of grain entrapments is growing nationally. CASA wants to do something about it. CASA is developing a Grain Safety Program. The heart of this program includes building a mobile demonstration unit which can function as both a grain entrapment demonstration unit and a rescue training unit.

The mobile unit will serve three purposes:

  • Rescue Training. The unit will be used to train first responders in grain extrication procedures.
  • General Prevention Education. The unit will be used as a learning tool to sensitize public audiences about the dangers of grain entrapment, and the importance of lock-out/tag out procedures.
  • On-site Training. The unit will be used to provide in-depth prevention and emergency plan training to workplaces.

Grain entrapments occur when:

  • An individual is present on the surface grain, which is being drawn out from beneath the individual;
  • An individual attempts to walk across the surface of grain where a void exists beneath the surface; and
  • An individual is in a grain storage facility where grain has solidified onto the walls of the bin and then the wall of grain collapses onto the individual.

In 2015 alone, seven people died in Canada after being entrapped in grain. Four were children.

However, there is hope. In February 2015, first responders saved the life of one Canadian trapped in grain. The first responders had received grain rescue training months earlier.

CASA wants to bring more grain safety education and training to rural communities.

Help us reach our goal.

CASA is thrilled to announce that thanks to generous donors, we have exceeded our phase one fundraising goal of $400,000 to bring the Grain Safety Program to the Prairie Provinces. This funding enables CASA to develop and run the Grain Safety Program over a three-year period across the Prairie Provinces. This includes building and operating the mobile demonstration unit and a trade show display (both currently under construction) and three youth table top displays (currently in development). It also includes program development and administration as well as launching an interactive grain safety educational website.

Phase two begins!

The importance of promoting grain safety doesn’t stop at the Manitoba-Ontario border. It’s an issue that impacts the safety of all Canadians. That’s why CASA is excited to announce that we have now entered the second phase of fundraising for the Grain Safety Program, which involves expanding the Grain Safety Program to communities across Canada, raising our fundraising target to $785,000. You can help us get there by supporting the Grain Safety Program today.

We are grateful for our sponsors and donors including G3, Crop Production Services, Canadian Canola Growers Association, Alberta Canola Producers Commission, Saskatchewan Canola Development Commission, Manitoba Canola Growers Association, Red Deer County, Alberta Pulse Growers, Alberta Wheat Commission, and Prairie Oat Growers Association, Manitoba Ag Days, and DuPont. Media sponsor Real Agriculture has also partnered with CASA to raise funds for the program.

So are you in so others can get out? Join the grain campaign to rescue, teach, and train.

Potential sponsors, check out our Grain Safety Program Sponsorship Package and consider becoming a CASA Sponsor today.

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The FarmSafe Foundation is a registered Canadian charity (Charitable Registration Number: 8404 04487 RR0001) supporting the farm safety initiatives of the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA). CASA is Canada’s only organization with a national mandate that focuses on agricultural occupational injury prevention in a collaborative fashion. Our mission is to make the agricultural sector a safe place to work and live in, by helping producers see and manage risks in their workplace.