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RealAgriculture is partnering with the Canadian Agriculture Safety Association to raise money to build a grain entrapment training program. Moving grain can entrap a grown adult in less than 25 seconds. In 2015, there were seven grain entrapment fatalities—four of those were children. First responders and farmers need to be properly trained on how to save a person that is trapped in grain. It is not as simple as grabbing their arms and pulling them out.

Read our launch announcement: RealAgriculture Partners with CASA to Raise Funds for Grain Entrapment Training Unit

First Grain Entrapment Training in Canada

We want to make sure that Canada has its very first grain entrapment training program. The United States has 10 of these. Please help us fund this program and donate today. You will receive a charitable donation receipt from the Farm Safe Foundation, which supports CASA.

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About CASA

CASA promotes farm safety in the agricultural sector. CASA’s vision is a country where no one is hurt farming and CASA works with partners in government, business, and farming organizations across the country to support initiatives that equip producers, their families and their workers with the information and tools needed to make farms a safe place to live, work and play.

The FarmSafe Foundation is a registered Canadian charity (Charitable Registration Number: 8404 04487 RR0001) supporting the farm safety initiatives of the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA).