Fife House Foundation


Business Number: 130401573RR0001

Our Mission

Fife House provides secure and affordable supportive housing and support services to persons living with HIV/AIDS


The most significant threats to HIV+ persons are insufficient food, financial assistance and shelter. With HIV/AIDS increasingly becoming an issue of poverty, housing and shelter needs are exploding.

Fife House provides supportive housing and support services for over 490 people living with HIV/AIDS in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Services include physical and personal care, life skills training and counselling. These essential programs are operated through our three residences – Denison, Jarvis and Sherbourne – and our largest initiative, the Homeless Outreach Program.

Fife House currently provides 80% of the available supportive housing for people living with HIV/AIDS in the GTA.

What People Are Saying

"Without this house and all of you people, I’d be a thing of the past."

— George, Read More

"They gave me a home, support to go to school. It was easy for me to get help when I called. Fife House made me where I am today, they gave me shelter. Now I’m a happy woman with a family."

— Grace, Read More

"You have gone the extra mile to bring me up when everything was down; you’ve fed me, clothed me, assisted me with health issues, housing issues and even social concerns. The staff have assisted me in every imagined way and made my stay both productive and great. (They) have made me feel at home. "

— Mark, Read More

"To me, Fife House means hope for the hopeless and home for the homeless. It provided me with a second chance at living by mothering me in a country where I knew no one."

— Lily, Read More

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