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The Fig Tree Foundation envisions a world where all people and communities are empowered and self-reliant

We convene and support partner NGOs and funders in Calgary to engage effectively in sustainable initiatives serving developing communities, getting beyond traditional charitable models. We serve over 65 member organizations (called the Roundtable) working in more than 50 countries around the world. We transform international development by investing in capacity, collaboration, and community development to promote long-term change in communities around the world.


In the early 2000s, a group of concerned Calgarians were seeking to support international development that was sustainable, effective, transparent, and collaborative. Their research surfaced many incredible Calgary-based organizations and initiatives—however with resources and a focus on impact abroad, coordination and collaboration amongst organizations working on similar issues or in similar regions from Calgary was limited.

Fig Tree Foundation grew from a desire to create the space, opportunity, and community for Calgary-based international development efforts to learn from each other and partner to increase their impact. We called this the Roundtable. The Roundtable now comprises over 65 local organizations working in more than 50 countries. Our Members work in education, human rights, biotechnology, solar energy, sustainable infrastructure, microfinance, and many other areas of development.

As part of a global effort towards sustainable development, the work of the Fig Tree Foundation directly aligns with the UN’s Sustainable Development goals of No Poverty (#1), Reduced Inequalities (#10), and Partnership for the Goals (#17). With the vision of a world where all communities are empowered and self-reliant,  the Fig Tree Foundation values collaborative and sustainable development practices. We strive to enhance the capacity of our members so they can better practice this collective goal and also provide funding according to projects which align with our values. As a result, the work of our diverse member organizations creates a ripple of impact spanning across all 17 SDG’s.


The Fig tree Foundation envisions a world where all people and communities are empowered and self-reliant. Through collaboration and capacity-building, our mission is to invest in transforming international development through Calgary-based NGO’s working internationally. We strategically connect organizations based on shared priority issues, regions of operation, and organizational needs through our Roundtable Forums, which are responsive community-driven quarterly events convened and facilitated by Fig Tree Foundation. In 2019 we underwent a leadership transition with the goal of increasing our own capacity to support this desired impact.


Capacity: We build organizational and sustainable development capacity by convening training and resources on leadership, management, innovation, and sustainable development practices. We invest in strengthening our members' capacity to increase their global impact through a variety of networking and educational opportunities such as panel discussions, guest speakers, and capacity-building workshops and resources. 

Collaboration: We foster collaboration amongst our members for projects and peer learning in pursuit of collaborative efficiencies.  We provide networking and educational opportunities for our Roundtable members and to the Calgary community as a whole to foster innovation, shared resources, and partnerships to achieve impact collectively.

Community Development: We invest directly in projects that demonstrate strong in-country leadership  and community support with a focus on projects that increase income-earning potential for communities.  By supporting sustainable, collaborative, effective, and transparent international development projects, the Fig Tree Foundation works toward creating a world where all communities and individuals are empowered and self-reliant in the long-term.


DONATE: The projects we fund would not be possible without our amazing donors! From capacity building activities in the Calgary community to support for international projects, every dollar donated provides high quality resources and services to organizations and communities in Calgary to increase the effectiveness and impact of Calgary-based international development alongside communities around the world.  If you are interested in supporting our mission, invest with us through Canada Helps using the donate button!

VOLUNTEER: Want to get involved?  We currently have a variety of volunteer opportunities, from communications to fund development. Contact us for more details!

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