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Montfort Hospital Foundation


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For You, Sweet Heart

Campaign Ended March 31, 2018

The Montfort Hospital Foundation is calling upon the entire community of the National Capital Region to help your hospital practice leading-edge medicine --and save more lives!

A new CT Scanner with a Specialized Cardiac Module, one of the first in the National Capital Region, will bring countless benefits to patients and the community, as well as to medical personnel.

Increased comfort and safety:Examinations performed with this CT Scanner with a Specialized Cardiac Module are safer and more comfortable for the patient:

  • They are non-invasive (no catheter required, contrary to a coronary angiogram, therefore no risk of post-operative complications);
  • They emit less radiation and involve fewer risks for the patient;
  • They allow the patient to be examined and receive treatments at the same institution, Montfort Hospital.

By helping doctors make comprehensive diagnoses as quickly as possible, the CT Scanner allows them to:

  • Begin a vital intervention as quickly as possible in the event of a cardiac or pulmonary emergency;
  • Prescribe the right treatment in time. In other words, the scanner helps reduce the patient’s wait time and the length of hospital stays.

More precise and more rapid:Offering a clearer, more detailed image, the Cardiac CT Scanner permits:

  • Shorter wait times;
  • Faster, more precise examination and diagnosis: rotation around the stationary table in 0.275 of a second, for 320 image slices in a single heartbeat;
  • Non-invasive imaging for increased comfort;
  • Reduced radiation dose;
  • Better patient follow-up thanks to the comprehensive diagnosis;
  • Appropriate treatment in time, particularly in a cardiac or pulmonary emergency.

Thanks to this new scanner, our medical team will be able to provide a comprehensive diagnosis in record time to a greater number of people.

Montfort Hospital will therefore be able to administer more than 25,900 scans every year as of the first year, and a higher number in subsequent years.

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