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Marie-Vincent Foundation


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Support to the young victims of sexual violence during the COVID-19 Crisis

Campaign Ended May 30, 2020

At Marie-Vincent Foundation, we are committed to playing a role in preventing sexual violence by targeting children, adolescents, parents, professionals and the general public. From this prevention perspective, we also assist children who have sexual behaviour problems.

We help children and adolescents who are victims of sexual violence, as well as their families, to surmount this ordeal by providing specialized treatment at the cutting edge of current knowledge.

During this crisis, the Marie-Vincent Center remains open for police investigations, medical examinations and appointments with our most vulnerable children and families. Therapy for our other beneficiaries is done online or by phone as much as possible. Our helpline for parents and professionals from the health and education sectors is also open.

We also continue to offer some of our training by webinar and we are sharing, through social media, prevention and sex education activities and tools for children and their parents.

Our two main fundraisers, Marvin on the Rock and the Souper des CFO have been cancelled because of the COVID-19. It represents an important loss of our funding. We can also expect that there will be an increase in disclosures and reports of sexual violence following this period of isolation. This means that Marie-Vincent will experience a significant rise in requests for its services. 

Your support is essential. Despite this crisis, together, we can continue building a world free of sexual violence!

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