Fondation Notre Home Foundation

Registered Name: Fondation Notre Home Foundation

Business Number: 827219379RR0001

The Fondation Notre Home Foundation receives donations and maintains a fund to support qualified donnees that demonstrate charitable work, commitment and outcomes towards any of the following:

  • The betterment and advancement of the English-speaking community in Quebec and in particular, its populations affected by poverty, lack of educational, economic and other opportunities
  • The inclusion of English-speaking communities, which face barriers to participation in programs, activities, services and employment
  • The launch of new initiatives or the expansion of services to address gaps or obstacles to English-speaking communities and individual English-speaking Quebecers
  • The establishment of partnerships to meet the needs of English-speaking communities
  • The strengthening of community infrastructure for English-speaking communities
  • The promotion of the identity of Quebec’s English-speaking community and the advancement of its English-speaking artists
  • Intercultural and linguistic initiatives that promote the understanding, collaboration, advancement, fosterage, and identity of the English-speaking communities of Quebec

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