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Food Matters Manitoba

Registered Name: Manitoba Food Charter Inc.

Business Number: 830978169RR0001

This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Food Security

Campaign Ended Jan. 1, 2020

Food security is going to bed and knowing that you will be able to feed yourself and your family, not just the next day, but into the future.  "No Hunger" is a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal.  It is also a human right.  Everyone should access to good food.

At Food Matters Manitoba we cultivate leadership on food security to achieve our vision of a Manitoba where good food nourishes strong communities and healthy people.

Just one example of our change making projects is “Beyond Our Plate”, currently underway in 5 rural high schools with growing interest coming from all across the province.  Workshops facilitated by Food Matters staff get students thinking about the food system and give them a chance to wrestle with how to make positive change through a simulation exercise as a Food Council.  Cementing the learning comes with a practical, local project.  Young people are deeply involved in their communities and are ready to be the champions for food security.  Equipped with knowledge and inspired by their own accomplishments they are being leaders.

Your gift will help Manitoba be more food secure today, and into the future.

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