Foothills Academy Society


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40th Anniversary Legacy Fund

Forty years ago, Foothills Academy opened its doors to its first students – 33 young learners bursting with talent but struggling in school. Since then, Foothills Academy has led the charge in ensuring that students with Learning Disabilities (LD) are celebrated and supported to reach their full potential.

Now a school of nearly 300 students, we have close to a 100% graduation rate and most of our students go on to pursue post-secondary studies. Foothills Academy also has an impact far beyond the school program, with over 4,000 families accessing our CommunityServices outreach programs each year.

Our founders, Tom Aylesworth and Gordon Bullivant, set the standard in Canada for the education of individuals with Learning Disabilities. Like our founders, our plans for the future are ambitious. But we need your help.

To celebrate our first 40 years and ensure that our impact on families affected by LD continues to grow, we’ve developed the 40th Anniversary Legacy Fund. This investment in our future will allow us to expand our physical space, strengthen our current programs, develop more services and stabilize our bursary fund.

Help ensure a bright future for kids and families affected by Learning Disabilities. Please consider a donation today. Your contribution to our 40th Anniversary Legacy Fund is critical to providing the space, programs, services and financial support we need to empower future generations of kids with Learning Disabilities. Join us in growing our bold legacy. Thank you!