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Foundation For Prader-Willi Research Canada

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12noon - 5pm 

GREENWOOD PARK (NORTH END) at the outdoor hockey pad. 150 Greenwood Ave. Just South of Gerrard St. East in Leslieville.

BBQ area and Beer Garden featuring the Ontario Craft Brewing Award winning Henderson's Best and Food Truck Blonde Ale.

This year we are expanding from 6 teams to 8 teams, and playing on the fantastic outdoor playing pad at Greenwood Park in the East end. The pad is covered from sun or rain, whichever the day brings. The tourney is co-ed, 14yrs. of age and up, fun as hell and involves a fun, Henderson-related prize for the winning team. Bring your love of hockey (ball, ice, or field - whatever your jam, it all works for this tourney) and your love of FUN-IN-THE-SPIRIT-OF-FUNDRAISING sense of competition and camaraderie. No contact. No slap shots. No high sticking. No sucks. (this can't be emphasized enough)

Each registered player will enjoy two fresh pints courtesy of Henderson Brewing and a Bratwurst sausage courtesy of Sanagan's Meat Locker. Toronto's best sausages paired with Toronto's best beer. And of course each player gets a new 2019 H4H tee shirt.

FUNDRAISING: Same as 2017. Each player needs to raise at minimum, $100 to register and play. You can raise that through friends and family or plunk down one hundred of your own hard earned cash. Then ideally you raise above and beyond that initial $100. But we ain't fussy. 

WHAT TO BRING: Stick & Gloves & shin pads are essential. Water bottle. Knee pads, eye protection and helmets optional. We encouraged helmets last time around but nobody wore them. Helmet is always a good idea.

GOALIE GEAR: Last time we rounded up 6 sets of goalie gear from various hockey leagues around the city. It nearly destroyed us. Too epic.We now have 8 teams, so this year each team is responsible for rounding up one set of gear for their own goalie(s).