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Art for Social Good: Investing in Artists

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2019

The idea is simple: to raise volunteer hours for nonprofits, by having people bid volunteer hours for pieces of artwork. Here is where the help is needed.  Our vision includes paying emerging artists for their artwork, the artwork that people will be bidding their volunteer hours for.  

So the idea is more simple really: to help raise volunteer hours while helping emerging artists.

If you're here, I assume, (I know, very risky) that you already see the value in a society where art is prevalent and makes us feel, connects us through our differences by sharing our differences, and moves us into more loving individuals.  

A friend of ours, Canadian spoken word artist, IF said, "I firmly believe, that your greatest work of art is not a poem, it's your life." 

Art in the traditional sense is important because it embodies our lives, our stories, but for those of us without a paintbrush as an extension of our arms, we still have the opportunity to make art by the way we live.

Our Art for Social Good Campaign directly supports top emerging artists; to help lift them up, to inspire confidence, and provide room to try new things and push their creative boundaries, so that through their work, they can move us to do the same.  

All monies raised will help fund purchases of original artwork, and in return, help these emerging artists grow and discover.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and give our vision some thought.  Art is Life.


the Timeraiser Team.

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