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December  2016

Please help us deliver an educational program in Zambia, Africa in January, 2017!!

Friends of African Nursing (Canada) is an independent, volunteer run registered Canadian charity, whose primary purpose is to support perioperative nurses and nursing education in Africa. In 2010 FoAN (Canada) entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with Friends of African Nursing (UK), which allows us to remain independent, while participating in their programs. FoAN (UK) have delivered education to more than 1,400 nurses in ten countries in Africa since 2001. FoAN (Canada) participated in a Botswana visit in 2012.  See

In January, 2017 FoAN (Canada) will be joining the FoAN (UK) team to assist Zambian perioperative nurses to develop mutually agreed upon practice standards in their context, guided by international evidence based practice.  Perioperative nurses from areas across Zambia will be attending.

Nurses are in short supply in many of the African countries and continuing Nursing Education is limited or non- existent. The education provided by FoAN (UK) has enabled the nurses to reduce their risk of blood borne diseases in the operating room.  The education has also empowered the nurses professionally to learn more of the rationale behind leading and improving a service, protecting themselves and their patients and develop a sense of self.

The costs of the workshop will be borne by the charities. This will include transport both ways for the African nurses travelling from outside Lusaka, accommodation, venue and workshop materials. FoAN (Canada) will contribute 1/4 of the workshop costs and travel costs for our Canadian nurse who is donating her time and expertise. We need to raise $6,000 CAD. FoAN (UK) will cover the remaining costs. Any extra money raised will go to the next educational program that FoAN (Canada) delivers.

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