Friends Of The Barn

Registered Name: Friends of the Barn

Business Number: 799646518RR0001

FRIENDS OF THE BARN: A Centre for Health, Wellness, Education, Arts, Music & Community Hub!

The purpose of FRIENDS OF THE BARN is:

1. To advance education by providing classes and workshops on the subjects of healthy eating, nutritious cooking and other health and wellness topics to members of the general public;

2. To advance the public’s appreciation of the arts by producing public art exhibitions, presentations, and performance art(s) events; and

3. To undertake activities ancillary and incidental to the attainment of the above charitable purposes.

Friends of The Barn (FOTB) serves local families, seniors and youth, with a focus on improving overall health, mental  and physical wellbeing. Specifically, individuals with depression, anxiety, obesity, and heart disease are targeted to participate in the various programs. FOTB also makes all of its programs accessible to all, including those with disabilities and those who are of low-income.

FOTB is currently offering the following programs:

* Art Classes and Exhibits

* Workshops (wild, fermented, whole, local, seasonal, organic & ecologically-grown foods, herbal medicines, traditional knowledge, cooking classes)

* Music, including the Sunday Open Mic

* Meditation & Yoga Classes

* Children's Camps

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