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Creative Expressions

Support the Friends of PAMA Creative Expressions Program this June during the Great Canadian Giving Challenge!

 Every $1 you donate between June 1 - 30 enters the Friends of PAMA for a chance to WIN $10,000 towards the Creative Expressions Program!

The Creative Expressions Program is a multiple-session art program for children and adults with physical and developmental challenges. The workshops help to foster creativity, confidence and personal expression using a variety of art tools and techniques. Thanks to the support from the Brampton and Caledon Community Foundation and donors like you, this program is free to all participants.

The Great Canadian Giving challenge was started 10 years ago through to encourage giving during a traditionally slower time of year for donations. As we approach the 10th Anniversary of this initiative we are reminded of the incredible impact of collective giving. Your donation not only supports the Creative Expressions Program, but also embodies the spirt of kindness and compassion that we know is alive and well in the region of Peel.

Together, let’s ensure that every person, regardless of their challenges, can unleash their creativity and find joy through art. Donate now, and let’s create a brighter, more inclusive tomorrow for everyone.

Experience the Creative Expressions program in action;