Gather Women

Registered Name: Gather Women

Business Number: 795931120RR0001

Our Mission

Gather Women exists to connect, equip and champion women of Canada so that they are empowered and encouraged to influence their world for Jesus Christ.

Our Philosophy

  • We embrace the truth that centered on Jesus Christ, we are stronger together.
  • We are committed to championing a culture of support from coast to coast to cultivate a unified and diverse sisterhood: generationally, denominationally, geographically and culturally.
  • We believe in the value of the local church and the importance of women being gathered in so that they can go back out to their local church and continue to put their faith into action.
  • We uphold the significance of the one, the few and the many. Every voice matters. Every woman matters.
  • We choose to be a catalyst, creating new opportunities for Christian women of Canada.


Our Values  

  • We choose ABUNDANCE as a way of life, knowing we have more than we need.
  • We choose to be BOLD, rather than timid.
  • We choose to be GENUINE, rather than cloaked in fear and self-preservation.
  • We choose to be INVITATIONAL, rather than exclusive and isolated.
  • We choose to value HARMONY, while embracing our diversity.

Our Activities

Upholding its Mission, Philosophy and Values, Gather Women will:

  • Provide opportunity for Canadian women of faith to Gather – in person and online.
  • Provide courses, workshops, and other educational programs to women in order to encourage them to preach, teach, disseminate, demonstrate and implement the tenets, teachings, doctrines and observances of the Christian faith within their local communities;
  • Establish an interactive website and social media platforms with religious programming, courses, and other material to be used by women from various denominations;
  • Produce and distribute Canadian-focused Christian resources for women from various denominations that promote the teaching, doctrines, and observance of the Christian faith;
  • Organize and provide ministry services in hospitals, prisons, universities according to need and request, for the benefit of the public.


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