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Gendun Drubpa Buddhist Centre

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Building STRONG Community Together

Campaign Ended Jan. 31, 2019

      Building a STRONG Community Together 


Hi there, 

My name is Colleen; I am the Centre manager at Gendun Drubpa Buddhist Centre. I am writing to let you know why I think that having a Buddhist Centre in Williams Lake is so important. 

In the early ‘80s, I found myself searching.  I felt lost and very unhappy.  I was searching for the tools to help me be happier and to bring some meaning to my life.  I knew my path was out there… but where?

A friend gave me a book called  Awakening The Buddha Within, and after reading it,  I knew that I had to know more… much more.  This thing called “Tibetan Buddhism” lit a fire in my heart and I started searching again… (this time with more direction and purpose) for more information about Tibetan Buddhism and all the ancient teachings it offered for creating a happy life.

I found the author, a Buddhist teacher in the eastern United States and listened to cassette tape teachings that were sent by mail to me once a month.  I bought books at our local bookstore when I could find one that would (I thought) be easier for a beginner like me to understand. A friend and I would get together every now and then to listen to the tapes and read the dharma books, but there were so many questions!  WHAT does this word mean?   HOW do I apply these teachings to my life?  HOW do we use them to understand the world better?  WHEN will I ever find more local people who want to learn and help each other apply these tools?  WHY is it so important to know my mind?

We were very definitely struggling…. 

Eventually I discovered a few more like-minded people in the Williams Lake area and we started studying the teachings of the Buddha together using the teachings of Venerable Robina Courtin and an organization call the FPMT. 

I had found my spiritual home and my path to happiness! 

As  we learned more, we developed a deep desire to share the dharma, to also help others find their way to peace and true happiness.  Over time, our small group of seekers grew to become a small community.  We built a stupa and envisioned and built a Dharma Centre with the purpose to serve a larger community;  to share the dharma with all who were seeking as we had.   

Lama Zopa Rinpoche and The Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition have been the foundation for all of that at Gendun Drubpa Centre and through them, we have been blessed to have some of the worlds most acclaimed Buddhist teachings and teachers come to Gendun Drubpa Centre. We even hosted our very own resident teacher for 3 years!

With your help and their guidance we have established a community with a place to gather, to learn and to socialize.

                                                 Thank you for your generous support thus far. 

I’d like to continue to build this incredible dharma community, to offer the wider community of WL a path out of suffering and toward greater happiness.   

                                                          With your help we can do this! 

 With the guidance and support of our community we are:

  • hosting Geshe Sherab in April 2019
  • offering another module of Discovering Buddhism in the spring and in the fall  
  • hosting drop in meditation during public hours
  • offering meditation classes for all throughout 2019.
  • Hosting pujas and prayers for those who are suffering.
  • Offering a sacred space for Buddhists to share the dharma and community

Because of past generosity and hard work. we have built the ONLY Dharma Centre in the Cariboo, which provides the following:

We manage an incredible dharma library.

We study together, share the teachings with each other and learn first hand from some of the best dharma teachers in the world right in our very own community. 

We believe that everyone benefits from having strong community: more happiness, compassion & equanimity in their lives. 

                                                                Will you help sustain it?

Donors are an integral part of our team.  Without you, we couldn’t do anything and we would cease to exist. 

                  Last year your incredible generosity helped us raise over $2,500 towards our needs.  

                               We are hoping to meet or beat that amazing generosity this year!

                              Can you make a year end gift to keep the dharma alive in the Cariboo?

        We have several ways your generous donation can help Gendun Drubpa Centre thrive in 2019!

BEST – monthly donation – 12 monthly donations in what ever amount you can afford. ($20, $50, $75 or $100) This option allows us to be able to plan with greater certainty for future events and seminars. 

GREAT – a one time donation – 

If you are not able to commit to a monthly amount, why not make a one time gift to Gendun Drubpa? 

Donations can be made by:

• going to our website at and clicking on the Support Us tab at the right hand side of the tab bar and express your generosity and support for Gendun Drubpa by choosing one of the two methods of contribution;

or by following this link to our CanadaHelps webpage at:

Please note the option to make your donation a monthly one.

• donate by cheque or cheques mailed to: 

Gendun Drubpa Buddhist Centre, 212 South 3rd Ave, Williams Lake, BC, V2G 1J4 

•Dropping it off in our mailbox. 

Your donation will contribute to:

Continuing to provide a home for the Buddhist Community in the Cariboo by funding our building and maintenance costs

Bringing 2 Visiting teachers to Gendun Drubpa Centre in 2019 through our Visiting Teacher Fund.

It can cost $2,000 to bring a Teacher to GDBC to teach.

Offering Dharma classes through  FPMT’s Discovering Buddhism Course and led by our senior student volunteers.  Handouts, internet costs and scrumptious  tea treats are essential to our weekly dharma classes. 

Offering Meditation classes led by our experienced volunteers.  Again, handouts and printing costs can be a large part of the expenses of offering classes.

Offering a calm and relaxing space to meditate or enjoy community with those of like mind.  Keeping our Centre warm and inviting includes heating, cleaning supplies and tea…. Lots of tea.    

Offering an extensive Dharma library to all our members. 

Care and upkeep of our Stupa for World Peace and Environmental Harmony at Spokin Lake

Your generosity helps to create great good karma for yourself!   A win win! 

Please note if you would like your donation to go to our General Fund or our Visiting Teacher Fund. 

Any contributions over $25 are tax deductible and if made before December 31st, we promise to get your receipt to you early in the new year! 

Colleen O’Neill 

Thank you so very much for taking the time to read my request.  Please feel free to contact me at

250-398-5681/ 250-305-9012

 by email at: 

Or by mail at:

212-B South 3rd Ave, Williams Lake, BC


Remember, we can’t do this without you! You are our biggest ally in bringing the teachings of the Buddha to the Cariboo and creating an opportunity for a small Buddhist community to thrive in the North. 

Please let family and friends know about our campaign to help spread the word and together we can support Gendun Drubpa Centre into 2019! 

Lama Zopa Rinpoche tells us there is MUCH merit in supporting a dharma centre like Gendun Drubpa Centre and we 

                                                                          THANK YOU 

                          for taking the time to consider helping support all that Gendun Drubpa can be. 

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